Starbucks is coming to Hollywood Studios

Starbucks has made it’s way into the Disney Parks.  The first Starbucks went into the Magic Kingdom at the Main Street Bakery,  the second at Epcot at the Fountain View, and then two were added at Downtown Disney.  The addition off Starbucks at Hollywood Studios will mark the 3rd in a Disney Park.  It will be going in the Hollywood Blvd area, and is slated to be opened in February 2015.

This Starbucks will be known as the “Trolley Car Cafe” and take the place of the former L.A. Prop Cinema Storage store.


FYI- You can use Starbucks gift cards at these locations, Disney gift cards, and Disney Dining Plan (also Cash and Credit).

Starbucks Disney Parks cups

Starbucks Disney Parks cups


One thought on “Starbucks is coming to Hollywood Studios

  1. Michelle-Marvelous Mouse Travels says:

    I love that that’ve added them around Disney. I had an iced coffee in HS last year that was so terrible I couldn’t finish even half of it. Sad considering I paid $4 for it! Yeah for Starbucks!


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