Fun Fact Friday- “Size Doesn’t Matter” + Contest Announcement

If you read my post on Monday, you know that Disneyland is much smaller of a park than the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  In fact the entire Disney property in Florida is larger than the island of Manhattan.

BUT did you know-

You can fit the entire Disneyland Park in the Magic Kingdom parking lot AND still have enough room to park 500 cars.

But, in my opinion, size doesn’t matter!  Both parks are great and completely unique in their own way!

PLUS!!!!!!  Confessions of a Mouskaholic is launching it’s first contest!!!

On my most recent trip I picked up a few items to do as a giveaway!  So for our very first giveaway enter to win this adorable “Mickey Bar” antenna topper!  Follow the link below and follow the directions!  You can get easy entries by liking the confessions of a Mouskaholic Page, liking Marvelous Mouse Travels by Michelle’s page, and by commenting on the blog!

Mickey Bar Giveaway

Mickey Bar Giveaway

Click on this link to enter-


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