New Year’s Resolutions

It is that time of year once again to make promises to ourselves that we will hopefully keep.  2016 has been so good in so many ways, and just TERRIBLE in others!  On the plus side, we were able to visit the Happiest Place on Earth three times in 2016!  We were able to experience new things that we never had done before (Flower and Garden Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and the International Food and Wine Festival).  In the world though there are just so many scary things happening.  All we can do though is continue in positivity, and that is what 2017 is going to be about for me; positivity and perseverance.

Resolution #1- Be healthier in 2017.  For me this means a few things.  Of course, losing weight (who doesn’t have losing weight as one of their resolutions haha!).  But in all seriousness, I am an obese woman.  I need to lose 80-90 pounds, and it’s not going to be easy, it will require positivity and perseverance.  The second part of being healthier for me includes being more mentally healthy.  I live my life in nearly constant chaos and stress.  Much of it is my own doing and I am aware of that.  With that in mind, de-stressing and being more mindful is a goal of mine for 2017.  My husband got me a “spire” mindfulness tracker for Christmas, and that is just one step towards this goal.  I think that these two areas go hand in hand as well… after 33 years I am well aware of my tendency to stress eat.

Resolution #2– BLOG MORE!  I can give you 1000 reasons why I didn’t blog much this past year, but let’s just remember what I said about resolution #1- “I live my life in nearly constant chaos and stress” that I bring upon myself.  I am hoping that with a more mindful 2017 that I will make time for the things that I enjoy.  One of my favorite things is talking about Disney and thinking about Disney, so it’s my goal to make more time for this blog in 2017.

Resolution #3- Earn more swagbucks in 2017. is a website where users can earn virtual currency that they can redeem for real gift cards.  This past year I earned enough swagbucks for $580 in gift cards, where as the previous (2015) year I earned $1050 in gift cards.  In 2017 I would like to match my 2015 swagbucks earnings.  All of the gift cards that I earn go towards our Disney trips.  Read here how I saved for our Disney trip with swagbucks.

Resolution #4- Continue to enjoy new experiences at Disney World in 2017.  My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to visit Disney World three times in 2017.  On two of the trips we were able to take in TONS of new experiences such as the Flower and Garden Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and the International Food and Wine Festival.  I would like to continue to experience all that Disney has to offer.  As it is every changing, this seems like an impossible task, but that is just part of the magic.

Resolution #5- Book more trips for Charming Travels LLC. With my knowledge of Disney properties continually expanding, I have increased opportunities to talk with clients and help them plan a magical vacation that they’re remember for a lifetime.  In 2016 I grew as a travel agent and I want 2017 to be the best year ever.

Resolution #6- Run a 1/2 marathon.  I have run 15 half marathons in my lifetime, but I have put a considerable amount of weight on since my running prime.  Due to a lack of training and motivation I walked the majority of my last two 1/2 marathons.  My goal is to no just “do” a half marathon, but to actually train and run it.

Well those are my goals for 2017!  What are yours?






Tuesday’s Tip- RESEARCH!!!!

Good morning Mouskaholics,

I know it’s been a while, but I cannot stress today’s Tuesday Tip enough.  If you are going to Disney for the first time do your research!!!!  You don’t even have to do the research on your own, chances are you know at least 1 person in your life who LOVES Disney, and if you don’t, you probably know someone who has at least been there before!  Without doing your research you’re going to waste your precious vacation time waiting in lines for attractions that you really don’t want to see, and waste time looking at menus only to decide to go somewhere else.

Did you know that on the Disney website you can find descriptions of all the attractions and rides for each park?  If that doesn’t give you enough insight to decide if you want to ride it, or see it, head to youtube!  Chances are you will be able to find a video of the ride!

Description of Goofy's Barnstormer from Disney's website

Description of Goofy’s Barnstormer from Disney’s website

Same goes for menus!  All the menus for quick service and table service restaurants alike can be accessed from the disney website, AND the My Disney Experience App.

Flame Tree BBQ Menu

Flame Tree BBQ Menu

This is where it can also be very valuable to book your trip through a Disney Travel Professional!  These travel agents know Disney inside and out and specialize in helping you plan your magical vacation AND answering all of your questions to make sure you have the best possible trip!

If you have questions about traveling to Disney, always feel free to Ask Ashley, by leaving a comment on the blog, or by asking on the Confessions of a Mouskaholic page on facebook!

If you are interested in booking your Disney vacation be sure to contact  She is a Disney Travel Professional and can help you with all of your booking and planning needs!