Musical Monday- “Try Everything” Cover by Home Free

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the 2016 Disney Animated Movie “Zootopia.”  I thought that it had a great message about diversity, and about following your dreams.  In addition to the movie being great, I loved the MUSIC!  The character “Gazelle” is a pop star (and rights activist) in the animal world.  Her character was voiced by Shakira, and the big song from the movie was called “Try Everything.”  I love the rhythm, and the catchy melody for the song, as well as the animation that accompany’s it at the end of the movie.


Today’s Musical Monday clip is by a country A Capella group called Home Free.  Home Free got their start on NBC’s show “The Sing Off.”  They were the winners of the show’s fourth season, and have gained great success with their original songs and covers.  Here is their cover of Shakira’s “Try Everything”

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30 Day Disney Challenge- Day 9 “Favorite Character to Meet

Confessions of a Mouskaholic's 30 Day Disney Challenge

Confessions of a Mouskaholic’s 30 Day Disney Challenge

Alright, Day 9,  and my favorite Disney Character to Meet.  I am going to break this one into two categories- Animated Characters, and Face Characters (Just because interacting with the two are quite different.)

So first, my favorite animated character to meet is Tigger!  He has been my favorite since I was little!  He’s so fun to meet (I’ve met him both at Crystal Palace, and in the park).  I love him so much that for my first Marathon ever (at Disney of course) I dressed up at Tigger!  I was so proud to get a picture with him and my marathon medal the following day! (And our course I can’t find the picture… MEH!!!!)

Me with Tigger at the Crystal Palace (Day before my 2nd Disney marathon!)

Me with Tigger at the Crystal Palace (Day before my 2nd Disney marathon!)

Me dressed as Tigger for my first Disney Marathon!

Me dressed as Tigger for my first Disney Marathon!

So in the other category, “Face Characters”-  it is definitely Mary Poppins!  She is so fun to interact with!  I’ve met her at both the Magic Kingdom (by the carousel) and at Epcot (in the United Kingdom).  During my last trip I asked her if I could take a “selfie” with her, and she didn’t miss a beat!  Her response was “Is that like a self portrait?  I have never heard of a selfie.”  I love the movie, and I love Mary Poppins (never just Mary)

Me with Mary Poppins for our "Self-Portrait"

Me with Mary Poppins for our “Self-Portrait”

Who are your favorite characters to meet?

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