Fun Fact Friday- Tower of Terror Part 2

Have you ever noticed that you can see the Tower of Terror from Epcot’s World Showcase?  If you’ve never noticed don’t be alarmed, the Imagineers didn’t really want you to!  With a ride that tall it was inevitable that you would be able to see it from quite a distance.  With that in mind the Imagineers chose a color palette that would blend in.  When you view Morocco from across the World Showcase Lagoon you can see the Tower of Terror in the distance, so they picked a color that would blend in to the already existing Morocco.  This makes it less obvious that the tall building isn’t just a part of the scenery.

Tower of Terror as seen from World Showcase Lagoon

Tower of Terror as seen from World Showcase Lagoon

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Words of Walt- Life

I own the book “The Quotable Walt Disney,” compiled by Dave Smith.  That is where I often get my quotes for “Words of Walt.”  I had a random sticky note stuck to one of the pages, and I’m not sure why, but I found a quote on the page (not one that I had read before) and I just loved it.  As I went back to school this week, I thought this was a great motivational and inspirational quote!

The Quotable Walt Disney compiled by Dave Smith

The Quotable Walt Disney compiled by Dave Smith

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  – Walt Disney

What a great lesson!  How often I talk about the things that I want to do.  Whether its fear, or laziness, often talk stays as talk.  It’s time to quit talking and start doing!  Thanks for the reminder Walt 🙂

Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Tuesday’s Tip- Disney at Home

Do you have the “Disney Blues?”  Did you just get back from Disney, and are now facing the “Real World?”  Has it been a LONG TIME since your last Disney Trip and you can’t wait to get back?  Here is an article that I found on Buzzfeed to help you re-create 26 iconic foods from Disney Movies.  I find that infusing my life with Disney inspiration while I’m at home can help with the “Disney Blues”

Click on this link – 26 Iconic Foods from Disney Movies

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 7.17.12 PM

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A taste of Disney… at home

Okay, so one of my FAVORITE quick service meals that we enjoyed at Disney during our July trip was the “Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese” from Bill and Min’s Dockside Diner.  This is located at Hollywood Studios.  As I mentioned in a blog post during our trip, this was our very first time at Bill and Mins. We often opt for air conditioned locations for our quick service meals because lets face it… its HOT in Florida during the summer!  With that being said, I had heard about this delicacy and was determined to try it, despite the outdoor dining area.  All I can say was that it was epic!  The only quick service meal that I think I enjoyed more was the pulled pork, cornbread waffle sandwich from Typhoon Lagoon.  (Yes… I will admit, I have a thing for pulled pork!)

So when I was grocery shopping at home and saw “Appleton Farms” pulled pork just staring at me from the meat case at Aldi, I knew what had to be done… I needed to recreate this awesomeness!

This recreation tastes remarkably close to the one at Disney and is very simple-

I used Stouffer’s Mac n Cheese, Appleton Farms Pulled Pork, and Tuscan Garden Crispy Onions.  If you don’t have an aldi nearby I would imagine you’ve got prepared pulled pork available, and French’s crispy onions.

 Mmmmmm… Maybe I will pretend I’m at Disney while I eat it 😉

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Fun Fact Friday- Tower of Terror

Did you know that when you’re dropping on the Tower of Terror that you’re actually moving faster than the speed of gravity?

The Tower of Terror is not actually a free fall, you’re being pulled down.  If you want to test the theory, put a penny on your leg the next time you sit down on the ride.  You’ll notice that as you ride, you will drop faster than your penny will, because the penny (because it isn’t attached to you or the seat) is moving at the normal speed of gravity, while you’re being pulled down.


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Tuesday’s Tip- Snack Credit Usage

If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, part of the purpose of the plan is that you’re meals are pre-paid and that it’s one less thing to worry about.  Another perk is that you can save money with the plan.  One way to get a lot of bang for your buck is to use your snack credits wisely.

Two snacks that I used my credits for on our most recent trip that were both GREAT snack credit values were the Mickey Shaped Pretzel with cheese) and a Venti Frappuccino from Starbucks.

The Mickey shaped pretzel with cheese totaled $5.79.  That is definitely on the higher end of snack prices that are eligible for the plan.

Mickey Shaped Pretzel

Mickey Shaped Pretzel

Starbucks is another GREAT location to use your snack credits.  You can get any drink any size (as well as pasteries) with the use of a snack credit.  I’ve always thought go big, or go home, so I got a Venti Coconut Mocha Frapuccino and Craig got a Venti Carmel Macchiato with an extra shot of espresso.  Each drink cost about $5 so I consider that another excellent use of a snack credit!

Venti Drinks from the "Fountain View" Starbucks at Epcot

Venti Drinks from the “Fountain View” Starbucks at Epcot

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Tuesday’s Tip- Check out Goofy’s Candy Company

Okay, so two of my all time favorite things at Disney are 1) Special and unique experiences, and 2) FOOD!!!!

There are so many opportunities for special experiences at Disney and there is amazing food where ever you turn!  So today’s tip involves both!  Check out Goofy’s Candy Company and you can not only choose your own treat, but you can also watch them make it!

Create your own treat order form

Create your own treat order form

So where can you find these delicious treats being made and created???  For this fun and yummy experience, head to Goofy’s Candy Company, located in the marketplace area of Downtown Disney!

This video is not of them making a personalized treat, but is still super cool!  I recorded this on my trip in January 2015.

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