Tuesday’s Tip- Affordable Souvenier… the Penny Press

Happy Tuesday Mouskaholics!

Souveniers can be an expensive addition to any trip regardless of where you’re going.  Often destinations will cleverly trap you into buying a magnet that you just can’t live without, a sweatshirt, or a stuffed animal that will sit in a corner after you come home.  Disney is certainly no exception to this.  They are in fact experts and selling merchandise to their millions of park goers.  I know this from experience and spending lots of money on souveniers on various trips to the Disney parks.

If you’re looking for a unique souvenier experience though that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, may I suggest the penny press machines.  Throughout the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney, you’ll find penny press machines.  In addition to it being a unique souvenier, it’s almost like a scavenger hunt to find the different machines!  Some are out in the various lands, close to rides, as well as in gift shops.


Tip #1- If you’re wanting to collect pennies, know where the machines are.  This link will take you to an awesome map that points out where the machines are in the parks- http://www.parkpennies.com/disney-pennies-wdw/wdw-penny-press-machine-maps.pdf

Tip #2- Be prepared with your coins.  To press a penny it will cost you 51¢.  The machine will have you enter 1 penny and two quarters.  You can save valuable time by organizing your coins and having them ready to go.

My Mom decided to press pennies on our trip in January and to organize her coins we used an “Airborne” tube.  She layered her coins- quarter, quarter, penny… quarter, quarter, penny… quarter, quarter, penny… etc.

She kept the airborne tube handy in her purse and was ready to go when we ran across a penny press.  “

Use a rinsed out Airborne tube to organize your quarters and pennies

Use a rinsed out Airborne tube to organize your quarters and pennies

Tip #3- Go to the bank and ask for a change 50¢ in for a roll of brand new pennies.  The pressed pennies look much nicer when you use a brand new shiny penny.

Now you’ve got a bunch of pennies… what should you do with them when you get home?  If you’re crafty there are lots of ideas on pinterest.  These are two of my favorites-

mickey 1


Another option is to purchase a pressed penny collection display folio.  While we were in the parks my mom purchased a Tinker Bell pressed penny folio.  This can add to the souvenier because it is also themed.

IMG_5706 IMG_5703 IMG_5705 IMG_5702

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