The Power of a Disney Song

Today’s post is a personal reflection.  I had no idea what I was going to write about this morning when I got up.  I was completely drawing a blank.  I have tons of future blog ideas, and I have blog ideas for when we are on our trip, and for when get back from our trip, and I even have tomorrow’s “Fridays’ Fun Fact” ready to post, yet nothing for today.

I am currently training for some races.  I am running my hometown’s half marathon in September, and then my long term goal in training is for the Goofy Challenge in January, which is a marathon and a half over two days.  And you’ll never guess where that race takes place (cough cough… wink wink… Disney World!).

When I set up my training playlists about 2 months ago I set it so that it would have a Disney song every third or fourth song so that it would remind me of what I was training for.  My mileage has been steadily increasing and today’s training calendar called for a 5 mile run.  I am not sure why but today as I set out on my run I was sore and sluggish.  In fact, at the halfway point, I stopped and stretched (which isn’t a bad thing, just not really a norm for me).  At 2.5 miles the thought crossed my mind- “Hey just run to 4 miles and then just walk the rest of the way to finish your 5.”  So after my stretch break, I took off running again fully intending to just run another 1.5 and then walk back home.  My mind changed when I hit 3.5 and it was because of a Disney song.  “Dig a Little Deeper” from the Princess and the Frog came up on my shuffled playlist.  Immediately as I thought about the lyrics of the song and the message of the movie I decided that there was no way that I would be walking that last mile.  I was going to dig a little deeper and finish what I had set out to do.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and accomplish your goals that you’ve set for yourself!


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