Episode 3 is now available on YouTube

Mr. Mouskaholic and I had a blast recording Episode 3 for our YouTube Channel this past week!!!  The episode is now available to watch on YouTube!

Topics include-

  1. Disney News – Pandora opening, “Happily Ever After” at Magic Kingdom, and Miss Adventure Falls at Typhoon Lagoon
  2. Mr. Mouskaholic’s Favorite Ride at Magic Kingdom- Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. Viewer Questions- We respond to a viewer’s question about Guardians of the Galaxy taking over Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure!
  4. Travel Tips- Taking an Uber! (you can also check out my past “Tuesday’s Tip on this subject here)

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Fun Fact Friday- Tower of Terror Part 3

Fun Fact- The Hollywood Tower Hotel stands at 199 feet tall. If it were just one foot taller, the Federal Aviation Authority would require it to have a flashing red light on the top.

Tower of Terror- Disney's Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Fun Fact Friday- Tower of Terror Part 2

Have you ever noticed that you can see the Tower of Terror from Epcot’s World Showcase?  If you’ve never noticed don’t be alarmed, the Imagineers didn’t really want you to!  With a ride that tall it was inevitable that you would be able to see it from quite a distance.  With that in mind the Imagineers chose a color palette that would blend in.  When you view Morocco from across the World Showcase Lagoon you can see the Tower of Terror in the distance, so they picked a color that would blend in to the already existing Morocco.  This makes it less obvious that the tall building isn’t just a part of the scenery.

Tower of Terror as seen from World Showcase Lagoon

Tower of Terror as seen from World Showcase Lagoon

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Fun Fact Friday- Tower of Terror

Did you know that when you’re dropping on the Tower of Terror that you’re actually moving faster than the speed of gravity?

The Tower of Terror is not actually a free fall, you’re being pulled down.  If you want to test the theory, put a penny on your leg the next time you sit down on the ride.  You’ll notice that as you ride, you will drop faster than your penny will, because the penny (because it isn’t attached to you or the seat) is moving at the normal speed of gravity, while you’re being pulled down.


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