Happy National Pizza Day- Fun Fact Friday

Did you know that every hour at Disney world, they are cranking out 1200 pizzas an hour… at several locations!?!?  That’s a lot of dough!  The quick service restaurants use a machine called the “pizzamatic” and can be found at Pizzerizzo (Hollywood Studios) and Pizzafari (Animal Kingdom).

Check out this video of the pizzamatic in action (From the show Unwrapped on the Food Network)-

If pizza is one of your favorites no worries, you can find TONS of places to get a slice of your favorite pie at Walt Disney World!

Check out Trattoria Al Forno at Disney’s Boardwalk, Pinocchio Village Haus at Magic Kingdom, Pizzafari at Animal Kingdom, Any of the Wolfgang Puck restaurants at Disney Springs, Pizzerizzo at Hollywood Studios, Catalina Eddie’s at Hollywood Studios, Tony’s Town Square at Magic Kingdom, Splitsville at Disney Springs, Mama Melrose’s at Hollywood studios, and of course- my all time favorite- Via Napoli at Epcot!

Via Napoli

Our pizza from Via Napoli!!!!!

If none of these options sound like the type of pizza you’re in luck.  Within a reasonable drive from Disney World Property you can hit up Giordano’s Pizza (THEY ALSO DELIVER TO DISNEY RESORT HOTELS)!  They’re a Chicago based pizza chain with STUFFED pizza!  It’s one of our all time favorite pizza places.  They just added a location 2 hours south of our home and we totally drove 2 hours for pizza.  If you are a pizza lover it’s definitely worth checking out!

download (2).jpeg

Ready to check out all of these amazing pizza places?  Be sure to contact Ashley at Charming Travels LLC for all of your Disney Planning needs!  Her services are free of charge and helping people plan their magical vacation is her favorite thing to do!

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30 Day Disney Challenge- Day 11 “Favorite Disney Couple”

Confessions of a Mouskaholic's 30 Day Disney Challenge

Confessions of a Mouskaholic’s 30 Day Disney Challenge

Alright, there are lots of Disney Movies, and lots of options, making this one an incredibly hard decision!  This is another one where I had to break it into two categories, Animated and Live Action.

For my animated favorite couple, I think the absolute cutest has to be Lady and the Tramp.  Who can forget that classic spaghetti kiss, and how he rolls her the last meatball!  I’m gonna count to three, and I want a collective “Awwww!”  1… 2… 3… Awwwwwwwww!!!!!  It’s just so cute!  I also love when the stamp their paw prints on the side walk!  Actually the next time you’re at the Magic Kingdom, stop by Tony’s Town Square, and look for their paw prints on the side walk!


Paw prints outside of Tony's Town Square

Paw prints outside of Tony’s Town Square

For Live Action Disney films, my favorite couple is Cliff and Jenny from the Rocketeer.  Their relationship has its fair amount of conflict, but in the end Cliff (The Rocketeer) saves the day and gets the girl!  (Side note, if you’ve never seen this movie, I’m going to have to insist that you see it, it’s loaded with action of course the underlying love story!

Cliff Secord and Jenny Blake

Cliff Secord and Jenny Blake

The Rocketeer