Swagbucks 101- Update

Okay, back in June of 2015 I posted my “Swagbucks 101” on how to earn Swagbucks.  The website however is ever changing and evolving, so with that comes updates.  I’ve updated the original post, but now it’s time for another update.  My last two posts have been about Swagbucks, so I figured I may as well go for a full update!  So here it is… pin this, soak it in, and start earning towards your Disney trip!

Ways to earn Swagbucks 101

  1. nCrave Activities– This is one of the easiest way that I’ve found to earn Swagbucks- on the Swagbucks home page there are categories along the left hand side of the page. Click on the link that says “Watch” and you should see the the world “ncCrave”. You can click on this and it will take you to an entire page of activities. The activities that have a circle and arrow will auto run, so you can just leave it running on your computer for about 10 minutes and earn up to 1-3 Swagbucks. Different offers are worth different amounts.  I run these almost all day and earn between 50-100 Swagbucks per day with this and the other activities.  Occasionally there are nCrave activities worth 5-6 Swagbucks!  I jump on those whenever they’re available!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.25.20 PM.png

  1. Surveys– Under the “answer” tab on Swagbucks down at the bottom are paid surveys. When first getting started using the surveys I would recommend doing the little 2 point surveys on the right hand side. They take a while to get through, but what you’re doing is pre-qualifying yourself for the larger surveys. When you’ve gotten those done your chances of getting surveys that you’re qualified for increase. You may start some surveys and get disqualified after 5 minutes (you’ll still get 1 sb in that case), but I’ve also had plenty of surveys where I’ve gotten 50-150 Swagbucks within 30 minutes, and just last week I got 60 Swagbucks for a 3 minute survey. I mean if you’re bored anyway why not try it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.31.16 PM.png

  1. SBTV app– If you have a smartphone you can EASILY earn a minumum of 10 swagbucks per day using the SBTV app on your phone. All you have to do is install the app(s) and let the videos play! You can earn up to 10 sb per day using the app, and often you can earn bonus Swagbucks after you’ve reached the initial 10!  In addition to the Swagbucks TV app, there are additional apps that are very similar where you can also earn 10 Swagbucks per day. I have unlimited data on my phone, so that isn’t a concern of mine.  If you don’t have unlimited data, do make sure that you are on wifi, because streaming videos will take its toll on your data plan!  Below are a list of the available apps you can use to earn swagbucks on your phone-
    1. SBTV
    2. EntertaiNow
    3. IndyMusic
    4. Lifestylz
    5. MovieClips
    6. Sportly

  1. Swagbucks TV – Also under the “Watch” link is SBTV.  Video sets are worth 1-3 Swagbucks, and will always tell you how much they’re worth.  I’ve found that some browsers and computers will allow you to watch all the videos in succession without clicking, while others are more finicky and you have to click on each video.  It’s still easy to click through and watch the Swagbucks add up!  I usually do this while I’m watching tv.  They’re easy to click through without paying attention while you’re watching tv or a movie!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.43.26 PM.png

  1. Games– Under the Play tab there are 3 games you can play and earn Swagbucks. When you get a game over keep playing, becaus every 2 games you play you get 2 Swagbucks, up to 10 Swagbucks per day.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.42.26 PM.png

  1. Searching the Web– Okay so Swagbucks in addition to all of its other features is a search engine.  It actually has significantly improved in the past few years.  The search engine now goes through Yahoo and the quality of the searching is better. On my laptop, I have Swagbucks set as my default search engine, so any time that I search it goes through Swagbucks with the chance of me earning some bonus Swagbucks.  Sometimes you’ll get little search wins worth 4 or 5 swagbucks and some times you’ll get larger ones.  Just last week I got my largest search win yet- 100 Swagbucks!  It was AWESOME!
  1. Special offers– Under the earn tab there is a special offers link. Sometimes there are random videos to watch that’ll take between 30 and 90 seconds, and sometimes there will be things where you can earn 15 sb for liking a page on Facebook. There are lots of different tabs across the special offers page. Usually the radium one and peanut labs have the best offers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.58.31 PM.png

  1. Coupons– If you like saving money (which let’s be honest, who doesn’t) you can print coupons right from the Swagbucks website! Click on the “Shopping tab” and then click “Grocery Coupons” and you’ll find the exact same coupons that you find on coupons.com are available on the Swagbucks website. If you print your coupons through Swagbucks you will earn 10 sb per coupon redeemed! It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get them, but they’ve always come through for me! (sometime I’ll even print some that I know I won’t use, and take them and leave them by the products at the grocery store.  That way others can benefit from saving money, and I get the 10 Swagbucks!  Win-win!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.45.05 PM.png

  1. Shop and Earn- Do you shop online??? If you are an online shopper try using Shop and Earn through Swagbucks! (It’s also under the shop tab on the left hand side) All you do is click on shop and earn, and click the store that you want to shop (they have tons… I mainly use Kohls, Groupon, and Home Depot). It will redirect you to the store you’ve selected and you just do your shopping like normal! Usually they’ll give you at least 2sb per dollar spent. Sometimes they will run specials where you can get 4 sb per dollar or even 8 or 10 sb per dollar!!! I’ve earned a lot this way! I always buy my Groupons through the shop and earn! They will not post immediately, usually shop and earn points will be award one month after the purchase date.  This is especially great when doing Christmas shopping!  You can shop from the comfort of your home in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee AND earn Swagbucks while doing so!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 1.04.05 PM

  1. Swagbucks Goal– On the Swagbucks homepage you’ll see your daily goal meter at the top of the page. Swagbucks sets a daily earning goal for you based on how many swagbucks you normally earn.  If you hit the daily goal you generally will receive a 10% bonus back.  For example, your goal is 50 Swagbucks, your bonus is 5 Swagbucks.  When you hit the goal your bonus Swagbucks will be awarded by the 5thor 6thof the following month.  If you hit the goal 7, 14, 21, or the entire month in a row there are additional bonuses!  In the past I have hit the daily goal every day for 30 days straight and received a 300 Swagbuck bonus in addition to my daily goal bonuses!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 1.07.45 PM

So there it is!  My updated Swagbucks 101.  If you haven’t signed up, do it!  Click below and you can get started with $5 for free.  Think of all of the sweet sweet $ that you can save for your Disney trip!

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com

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How to redeem your Swagbucks for use at Disney

Okay, so yesterday I once again talked about Swagbucks, and here I am talking about it again!  Start Swagging and Save for Disney.

I mentioned that my go to for redemption of my Swagbucks is Sam’s Club gift cards.  I use the Sam’s Club gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards, and better yet, they’re at a discount!  But what if you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership?  Below are ways you can redeem your Swagbucks (virtual currency) to help pay for your trip, or have spending money for your trip!

  1. Redeem your Swagbucks for Rainforest Cafe gift cards, and treat yourself to a great meal at either Disney Springs or Animal Kingdom!  There are Rainforest Cafe locations on Disney property, and Rainforest Cafe is one restaurant that you can redeem your Swagbucks for!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.58.31 AM
  2. Redeem your Swagbucks for Starbucks gift cards.  There are Starbucks locations in each of the 4 theme parks, as well as 2 locations at Disney Springs.  Treat yourself to a daily cup of coffee, or even breakfast at the parks by redeeming your Swagbucks for Starbucks gift cards!  When we get close to our trip, I often will stop getting the Sam’s Club gift cards (because I know I won’t have enough for a Disney gift card) before our trip and switch to getting Starbucks gift cards!  They always come in handy!  When we do Disney, we are GO GO GO, and Starbucks fuels us!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.14.17 AM
  3. Redeem your Swagbucks for Southwest or Delta gift cards to help pay for your flights!!  I personally have used my Swagbucks for Southwest gift cards, and that is my airline of choice.  I love flying Southwest because they offer two free checked bags.  (I am sad because they’re leaving my local airport!!!)   ** A word to the wise ** Check how many forms of payment you’re allowed to use before you cash in for your gift cards!  Southwest only allows four forms of payment, so I suggest waiting until you have a considerable amount of swagbucks before redeeming!  Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.12.32 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.57.38 AM
  4. Now I know what you’re thinking… I’m not flying to Disney, I want to drive!  Guess what!!! There are gas gift cards available on Swagbucks!  So you can use the gas gift cards to pay for gas on your way to Disney, OR you can use the gas gift cards throughout the year, and put the money that you’re not spending on gas towards your Disney trip!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.11.45 AM
  5. Still looking for different ways to save for your Disney trip?  Let’s say new shoes or clothes for the whole family for your trip!  There are Nike gift cards available as well as many department stores!  You can “Just Do It’ with all new shoes, or even some vacation apparel from Walmart, JC Penney, Target, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, KMart, Sears, or Kohls!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.15.42 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.49.19 AM
  6. Need new luggage or other trip necessities?  You can cash in your swagbucks for any of the above listed department stores for your new luggage, OR you can order just about anything on Amazon!  A few years ago I found a great 5 piece luggage set on amazon for about half the price of the department stores, and saved up my Swagbucks for amazon gift cards!  You can get other Disney essentials on Amazon too!  Rain ponchos, Minnie ears, autograph books, shirts, and lanyards are just some of the examples that you can get for your trip for FREE with your Amazon gift cards that you’ve earned on Swagbucks!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.13.20 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.57.58 AM
  7. Don’t wanna mess with any of the stuff that I listed above?  How do you like cash and prepaid visa cards?  Guess what, you can redeem your Swagbucks for those as well!  Swagbucks redemption center is offering Paypal gift cards (which you can put in your Paypal account and move right to your bank account) as well as prepaid Visa cards!  Hello spending money!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.13.51 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.55.39 AM

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today and get to swagging and start saving for your next Disney trip!   Check back here tomorrow and read my updated “Swagbucks 101” on how to earn swagbucks! Sign up now with the link below and get started with $5 free.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com

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Tuesday’s Tip- Start Swagging and Save for Disney!

Okay, I’ve been mentioned Swagbucks on here before (in fact I think it’s been Tuesday’s Tip before), and I’ve shared how I personally have saved money for my Disney trip using swagbucks.com but I share again because it’s that good!

Okay stop reading right now, follow this link, and sign up for Swagbucks-

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com

Okay, now continue reading…

So as I sit here this morning I’ve already earned 34 Swagbucks… which is essentially 34 cents.  Is that a lot?  Heck no, BUT it adds up… quickly.  On average this year I’ve been earning between 40 and 120 Swagbucks per day.  With these numbers I’ve been able to cash in for $130 in gift cards so far just this year, with another 625 Swagbucks towards my next redemption.  That is $130 going straight towards spending money at Disney.

How does Swagbucks work?  You complete activities (watching videos, playing games, using coupons, doing surveys, shopping online, etc.) and you earn Swagbucks by doing them.  Swagbucks are essentially a virtual currency that you can redeem for real gift cards.

How do I personally make swagbucks work for me?  I cash my Swagbucks in for Sam’s Club Gift Cards.  With my Sam’s Club membership, this is the most effective way for me to use my Swagbucks.  I can use my swagbucks giftcards to purchase Disney gift cards… and even better, I get them at a DISCOUNT!  $150.00 in gift cards for $142.98!!! (plus $1 in shipping if I don’t want to actually go to the store.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.57.09 AM.pngBetween my husband using swagbucks and myself, we currently have $150 in Sam’s Club gift cards.  We will probably go to the actual store for these for a few reasons… 1) we need other things from Sam’s Club and 2) you can only use 4 forms of payment on the Sam’s Club website check out, and I have more than 4 gift cards making up that total.

So you’re wondering… how does this help me, I don’t have a Sam’s club membership.  Come back tomorrow, and I will share other ways you can use Swagbucks to go towards your Disney vacation, then comeback on Thursday for the updated Swagbucks 101 post!

So what are you waiting for?  Join today and start earning!

If you’re reading this 3/14/17- 3/17/17 be aware that there are bonus opportunities for Swagbucks this week- (normally you earn 2 Swagbucks per cycle on the apps… this week you earn 4!!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.18.57 AM


Overwhelmed by planning for a Disney trip?  Email Ashley@charmingtravelsllc.com today for your FREE quote!  She can help you with booking and planning from beginning to end, and help you get the best deals out there!

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March 1st- Resolutions Follow Up

We are officially heading into the 3rd month of this year, so it’s time to check in with my New Years Resolutions.  I can honestly say that for some of them, it’s probably the longest that I’ve ever stuck with a resolution, while with others, I need to get my behind in gear!

Resolution #1- Be healthier in 2017.  With this resolution it was 2 fold… both being physically healthier by losing weight, and by being mentally healthier.  For the weight, I lost 13 pounds in January, but only 1 in February. While I am continuing in the right direction, I know that I could be better about logging my food, and I got sloppy in my food choices.  I know that I am more successful when I log my food because it holds me accountable.  I want to do better in March with this.  As for mental health, February was stressful with events at school, but I have been working on techniques for stress reduction.  Am I still a little nutty, absolutely… but mental health is a journey.

Resolution #2– BLOG MORE!  I have been making a genuine effort to be more consistent in my blogging this year, and I am succeeding!  In January I did 11 posts, and in February 12 posts!!  In addition to blogging more, Mr. Mouskaholic and I added a YouTube channel, as well as increased social media presence!  You can now subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Check out all the handles at the bottom of this post!)  I really want to keep up the momentum that I’ve built in the past two months as well as keep up with our monthly (for right now) YouTube posts!

Resolution #3- Earn more Swagbucks in 2017. February is a short month, but I still managed to earn $30 in gift cards towards our Disney vacation!  While that is behind last year’s average of $48 per month, overall, my yearly average is still a little higher than last year, at $52.50 per month so far!  If you are interested in learning more about how Swagbucks can help you save for your Disney trip, CLICK HERE.

Resolution #4- Continue to have new experiences at Disney in 2017- When I last posted at the end of January, I talked about new restaurants that we have reservations for.  In addition to trying new restaurants, we are VERY excited that Pandora will be opening at Animal Kingdom, and that the new Rivers of Light show will be available at Animal Kingdom when we’re down there!  The parks are always changing and we are excited for the new experiences!

Resolution #5- Book more trips with Charming Travels LLC- Super excited that I just booked another trip for an awesome family!  I love helping people plan their Disney vacations!  It brings me so much joy!

Resolution #6- Run a Half Marathon- I STILL haven’t even started to work on this goal yet.  I live in Ohio, so I will blame the weather lol!  I have gotten 13 pounds off so that’s less to carry around when I run. I did decide that I want to run the Akron Half Marathon and  maybe in March the weather will be better enough to start training!

So that’s my resolution update!  Here’s to keeping at it!  How are you doing on your resolutions?

New Years Resolutions Header fixed (1).png




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February 1st- Resolution Follow Up

So many of us start the year with New Years resolutions and goals.  I began my year with 6 specific goals in mind, many of them are Disney Related- Click here to read my original Resolutions post.

To stay on track, I think it’s important to do a check every so often to see where you are.  So today I want to check in and hold myself accountable to my 2017 goals.

  1. Be Healthier in 2017.  For me this was about both physical and mental fitness.  As far and physical fitness has gone, I have logged my food that I’ve eaten on “MyFitnessPal.com” for the past 31 days, and am down about 13 pounds since I weighed myself on New Year’s Eve.  I am proud of this accomplishment and plan to keep going on my path to a healthier weight.  As far as mental fitness, I’ve definitely taken some steps to improve my mental health.  I am working on being less apologetic (for things that I don’t need to apologize for), being more assertive, and have even said “no” to a few things.  These are all still works in progress, but things that I’m committed to sticking with and continuing to work on.
  2. Blog More- I slacked off A LOT towards the end of 2016 with my blogging.  In January I did 11 posts, where between August and December of 2016 I did 1 post… so I’m off to a good start!  I just need to keep my momentum up.  Talking about Disney is one of my favorite things, so I just want to keep making sure that I make the time for what I enjoy!  As part of my recommitment to my blog, I also started an Instagram account to go along with the blog! You can now follow @TheMouskaholic for photos and other fun goodies!
  3. Earn More Swagbucks for Disney Spending Money- In January I was able to cash in 7500 Swagbucks for $75 Sam’s Club Giftcards, which I will use to purchase Disney Gift cards with.  On average in 2016 I saved $48 per month with Swagbucks, so in 2017 I’m doing better than last year’s average. I’ve got a about 800 swagbucks going into February, so I’m hoping to stay above last year’s average and keep saving!  If you’re interested in learning more about how to save money for your own disney trip using swagbucks click here!
  4. Continue to have new experiences at Disney in 2017- I haven’t had my first Disney trip of the year (I say first because I’m always hopeful that they’ll be more than one lol!)  I have however booked my summer 2017 trip!  I’m super excited because not only is it going to be a nice long trip AND Mr. Mouskaholic and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary while we are there!  One aspect of our trip that we have planned is eating at all new restaurants!  Every single dining reservation that we have is at a restaurant that we’ve never eaten at!  We will be eating at the Spirit of Aloha dinner show, Storybook Princess Dining at Akershus Royal Banquest (Norway at Epcot), Bongos Cuban Cafe, Whispering Canyon Cafe, Yak and Yeti, Chef Mickeys, Cape May Cafe, Rose and Crown Dining Room.  I’m sure in addition to all of these new dining experiences I will find some more new things to experience while on our trip 🙂
  5. Book more trips for Charming Travels LLC-  In addition to having my own Disney blog, I am also an independent agent for Charming Travels LLC.  I have been with CT since January 2015.  I’ve gotten a few more bookings each year.  As I look at my stats from last year, I booked 16 Disney trips for various families in 2016.  So far for 2017 I have booked 6 trips for different families.  I would love to hit at least 20 for 2017, so I’ve gotta keep plugging away and promoting my business!  I’m not off to a bad start 🙂
  6. Run a Half Marathon-  I haven’t even started to work on this goal yet.  I live in Ohio, so I will blame the weather lol!  I have gotten 13 pounds off so that’s less to carry around when I run. This month I want to decide which half to run, and then maybe in March the weather will be better enough to start training!

So that’s my resolution update!  Here’s to keeping at it!  How are you doing on your resolutions?

New Years Resolutions Header fixed (1).png

Check out this Deal- $200 + Savings for a family of 4.

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 11.15.25 AM.png

Let’s say you’re a family of 4.  The average quick service meal is $10.  So you’ll save about $40 per day… multiplied by 5 days is a savings of $200!!!!  Sounds like a great deal to me!!!

Contact Ashley@charmingtravelsllc.com to book your trip between 5/30 and 8/24 at a Value resort!  You must book by 2/12/17 to qualify for this deal!

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How I saved $1335 on my Disney Trip

Okay we all know that Disney trips can be SUPER expensive, especially if you’re traveling with a family, book the dining plan, and want to experience a lot of the magic while you’re on a trip.  There has recently been a lot of circulation of an article on how Disney has “left the middle class behind.”  I agree with the article to an extent, but with good planning, and a savings plan there is no reason that middle class families can’t enjoy a magical Disney vacation.

With that being said, I want to share with you how I earned $1335.00 towards my Disney trip using “Swagbucks.”

To answer your first question, “What is Swagbucks?”- Swagbucks is a website where you earn virtual currency that you can redeem for real gift cards.  You do activities like watch videos, complete surveys, and search the web. (Come back tomorrow to read my “Swagbucks 101” that I’ve compiled on the most effective ways to earn swagbucks!)

So now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes-

Click the link to join swagbucks- http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/amcoope2


Swag cash

How I’ve saved $1335 on my Disney trip with Swagbucks

Starting in August 2014, I started saving my swagbucks up for our 2015 Disney Trip.

After doing some research I discovered that you can use your swagbucks to get Target and Walmart giftcards. Last year I redeemed my swagbucks for target gift cards and in turn used them to purchase Disney gift cards. Upon further research I learned that I could use my Sam’s Club membership for additional savings. (You can purchase a $50 Disney gift card for $48.88 or $150 in Disney gift cards for $142.88) Since August I have redeemed my swagbucks for $900.00 worth of walmart gift cards, and turned them into Disney gift cards for my trip.  Our trip is in July, so it is my hope to have an additional $100.00 by the time we leave!  (Also if you have multiple adults in your household, you can have multiple people earning! My husband has earned $200 in walmart giftcards for his spending money!  His goal is an additional $100 before we leave in July.

Another way you can use swagbucks to offset vacation needs is amazon giftcards. For our 2014 Disney trip we needed new luggage.  We found a 5 piece Samsonite Luggage set on amazon for $99.00.  I used my amazon gift cards that I earned on swagbucks to purchase those. With amazon’s nearly limitless supply of items you use the gift cards to offset the cost of your trip in many ways!

Break down

Ashley’s Walmart gift cards- $900.00

Ashley’s Starbucks gift cards (to use in the park)- $35.00

Craig’s Walmart gift cards $200.00

Ashley’s additional expected gift cards – $100.00

Craig’s additional expected gift cards- $100.00

Interested in more money saving trips and help booking your Disney vacation?  Contact Ashley@charmingtravelsllc.com  She is a Disney pro and will help you take care of all of your planning needs!