30 Day Disney Challenge- Day 8 “Favorite Disney Resort”

Confessions of a Mouskaholic's 30 Day Disney Challenge

Confessions of a Mouskaholic’s 30 Day Disney Challenge

I am a frugal person, and one who when on a Disney trip usually only uses the hotel room for sleeping, and the occasional dip in the pool.  For the first 8-10 trips to Disney I always stayed at the All Star Resorts.  The All Star Resorts are good for their purpose, a room to sleep in and a pool to dip in.  Last summer we sprung for a Moderate resort, and I don’t think we will ever look back.  We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and LOVED it!  It was so quiet compared to the All Star Resorts, it was BEAUTIFULLY themed, and the scenery was just breath taking!  While we’ve only stayed at All Star Movies, All Star Music, Pop Century, and Port Orleans French Quarter, POFQ definitely wins in my mind as my favorite resort.

Port Orleans French Quarter

Port Orleans French Quarter

Perks of staying at POFQ include-

* Beautiful view of the Sassagoula river

* A short walk away from “Boatwrights” (A table service restaurant at Port Orleans Riverside)

* Boat Transportation to Downtown Disney

* The Port Orleans Resort, both Riverside and French Quarter has it’s own “Story”- http://www.portorleans.org/backstory.php (SOOOO much information about the resort on this website!)

* Beignets in the food court for breakfast

* One Bus Stop

Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort French Quarter

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Departure Day!!!

Today is the day we've planned for!!!

Today is the day we’ve planned for!!!

Today we are departing for Walt Disney World!  Each day of our vacation I will keep you updated as to what we are doing, which park we’re going to, where we are eating, and what we are riding!  Make sure you check out my facebook page  ( https://www.facebook.com/mouskaholic ) for the most current photos and posts!

So today’s itinerary-

12:45 Flight from hometown via Airtran Airways

3:05- Arrive at Orlando International Airport and head towards the “Disney Magical Express” (See not below if you are unsure of what Disney Magical Express is!)

4:00- **** (Time subject to bus availability and lines!) Board Disney Magical Express for Port Orleans Resort.

5:00- Check in to the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort

5:30- Quick boatride to Downtown Disney (This is a MAYBE!  We may also just relax by the pool!!!)

7:25- Dinner at Boatwrights Dining Hall (Located at Port Orleans Riverside Resort)

9:00- Bedtime!!!

Tomorrow we will be doing our first day in the park, and will be at Animal Kingdom!


What is the Disney Magical Express?  If you’re staying on Disney Property and flying into MCO, you can take advantage of this FREE bus service.  Some of the perks of this service- 1) Did I mention that it’s free? 2) You get to skip baggage claim!  When you book your vacation and your Magical Express they will send you special luggage tags.  These tags identify your luggage as a WDW guest.  It will be picked up by a cast member and deliver STRAIGHT TO YOUR ROOM!!!! 3) It makes your day more magical! No worries about renting a car, it takes you straight to front lobby of your hotel!

I greatly enjoy Disney’s Magical Express!  If you have more questions about this service, please let me know!