Tuesday’s Tip- Pack a Power Strip!

We live in a digital world where keeping devices charged can be essential.  Lets say you’re a  family of 4… Mom, Dad, a 14 year old, and a 12 year old.  Because we live in this technology driven age, all four of you have cell phones that need charged daily, not to mention the other devices like tablets and camera batteries that will need charged.  The average hotel room has 6-8 outlets, but some are already taken by the alarm clock, lamp, television, and hair dryer, not to mention some of those are hard to access because of the furniture being in the way.

One way to keep my devices charged and avoid having to tear the room apart to find an outlet is to pack a power strip.  To me this is an easy way to make the outlets very accessible and increase the amount of outlets available.

You can pick one up at your local hardware store, or even on amazon!

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Tuesday’s Tip- Charging at Innoventions East

So I found a GREAT spot to beat the heat and charge my device on my last trip to Disney!  It was our last day, we had just stopped at Starbucks for some caffeinated refreshment, and were waiting for our fast pass for Spaceship Earth.  It was 95° with 95% humidity and my phone was at a measly 42% which had to last the rest of the day AND the plane ride home. Innoventions was the perfect location to chill out!

There are two different Innoventions areas and the one where I found a bank of outlets was right when you walked into Innoventions East- (14 sets of outlets to be exact!!!  Ka-ching!!!)

There are benches right there we were able to sit and enjoy some air conditioning, and savor that Mocha Coconut Frappucinno I just got rather than chugging it and getting some crazy brain freeze!

Outlets at Innoventions East

Outlets at Innoventions East

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