Day 5 in review

Today was another exciting day at Disney! And we had an amazing time even though we weren’t in the parks today!

We started by heading to 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort. This was a wonderful character breakfast with Mary Poppins, Alice, Tigger, Pooh, and The Mad Hatter! They had a great food selection at the buffet, the Mad Hatter Juice was AMAZING (Orange, Guava, and Passion Fruit). The Mad Hatter was absolutely hilarious! He had us in stitches!

In our original plan we were going to head to a water park today, but after all that food, and the adventures we’ve had the last few days (and the weather didn’t look so “magical”) we opted to head back to the French Quarter for some R&R! We napped and while we were napping the most magical thing happened, the weather cleared and it got beautiful outside!!! We were able to spend some time at our amazing resort pool!

For the evening we went to Downtown Disney and saw Cirque de Soleil La Nouba. It was so incredible! Amazing artistry, acrobatics, and something I didn’t expect- funny!!! Super fun show!

We ended the evening with dinner at Cookes of Dublin (attached to Raglan Road) and some shopping!

A low key day was just what we needed… The next two days are park days, so the rest was needed!

Today’s step count-


Day 3 in review

Craig and I have been to Disney many times, and through experience we’ve found (for us) it’s best to do 1 or 2 days of parks and then a day of rest! Now when I say “day of rest” we still like to have some fun, like a water park or Downtown Disney.

 So today we took great pleasure in sleeping in for a bit and then heading to Typhoon Lagoon for the first time! 

We rode all three versions of the Crushin Gusher (a super cool water coaster), relaxed in the lazy river, and did some other awesome slides! If you’re there around lunch next to Typhoon Tillys is a place that serves corn bread waffle pulled pork bbq sandwiches and holy wow was it amazing!!!

We headed back to the resort around 2 and did a few loads of laundry before heading out for our evening activity- the monorail pub crawl. 

Now you are probably asking yourself, what is the monorail pub crawl? In short there are three deluxe resorts that are all on the monorail line. You stop at all three resorts and go to a bar and drink at each one. I will do a full report on the pub crawl at a later time! 

We started at the Polynesian resort for the crawl and ended at the contemporary resort because we have 9:15 dinner reservations at the California Grill at the top of the resort. While yes, 9:15 is late for dinner, I planned it as such so we could watch “Wishes” the Magic Kingdom fireworks show from that spot. 

The California Grill is quite expensive, but simply incredible! (2 dining credits on the meal plan) The view of the Magic Kingdom from the roof top is exquisite!  And you can watch wishes from the rooftop or inside the restaurant! If you get the chance, I highly recommend it! 


Step count- today’s is a bit off because I didn’t wear the Fitbit to the water park, as it is not waterproof. I would estimate another mile in this tally. 


My Disney Bucket List- Top 10

I have been to Disney many times, and every time I go back I find myself saying “Oh I want to do that someday!”  Some of these on the list are a little easier and more affordable than others, and some seem downright unattainable, but here it is- My Disney Bucket List!

10. Run all the RunDisney Events in 1 year- I know this one sounds crazy, but I LOVE Running at Disney!  Disney hosts many events throughout the year in both Disney World and Disneyland.  You even get a “Coast to Coast” distinction if you run at both parks within the same calendar year.  This isn’t good enough.  I want to run ALL of the them in 1 calendar year.  This will take a LOT of travel time and a LOT of money seeing as registration alone costs between $175-$350.

9. Go to Disney for the Holidays- I know that Disney is absolutely crazy at Christmas time, but I so want to be a part of the Christmas magic at Disney!  I long to see the twinkling lights on Cinderella Castle and see the Osbourne Light Spectacular in person.  I’ve seen photos, and I know that it’s got to be even more incredible in person!

Cinderella Castle with Christmas Lights

Cinderella Castle with Christmas Lights

8. Be selected as the family to open the Magic Kingdom- While this is highly unlikely because my husband and I don’t have children and go to Disney as two adults, it is still a dream of mine to be the one who gets to go up on the platform with the Mayor of Main Street USA and all of the characters and open the park!  I’m pretty sure I would be crying tears of happiness if this ever happened!

Welcome Show at Magic Kingdom

Welcome Show at Magic Kingdom

7. Eat at Victoria and Alberts at the Grand Floridian-  There is “Signature Dining” at Disney and then there is Victoria and Alberts.  This is the classiest dining one can have at Walt Disney World.  It has won the AAA  Five Diamond award 15 years in a row.  The dining there isn’t just a meal.  It’s an experience.  You are served 6 courses over a two hour time span.  For an even more special experience you can eat at the “Chef’s Table” which is right by the kitchen.  It’s on my bucket list because to enjoy this costs $250 per person.

Did I mention that there is also a dress code at Victoria and Alberts?

Did I mention that there is also a dress code at Victoria and Alberts?

6. Stay at the Grand Floridian Resort- I can’t help but want to stay there every time I visit!  It’s so beautiful and is so close to the parks!  The price per night is what adds this again to my bucket list!  I generally would much rather stay longer at a value or moderate resort, but some day I will stay at the Grand Floridian!

Grand Floridian Resort

Grand Floridian Resort

5. Meet Celebrities at Disney-  On my most recent trip I did actually see and photograph John Stamos and am KICKING myself for not getting a selfie with him!  I mean DUH what was I thinking!  I think that meeting celebrities at Disney will be an eternal bucket list goal!  One I know who visits often that I would LOVE to meet is Neil Patrick Harris.

John Stamos at Epcot

John Stamos at Epcot

4. Win a night’s stay in the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite- You can only stay in Cinderella Castle if you win, so every chance I see to enter I enter!  This is a rather lofty goal, but one can always dream right?

Cinderella Castle Dream Suite

Cinderella Castle Dream Suite

3. Do the Epcot “Dive Quest” tour-  In this special 3 hour tour (yes my mind went to Gilligan’s Island as I typed the words “3 hour tour). You will get be up close and personal with the animals at The Seas pavilion.  And 40 minutes of that is actually spent scuba diving in the coral reef like atmosphere!  The only catch is that you need to be SCUBA certified.  Living in Akron, Ohio, makes that one a little more difficult.  Someday though, I WILL get my certification and drop the $175 per person to take part in this special tour!

Dive Quest tour at Epcot

Dive Quest tour at Epcot

2. Work at Disney- Every time I return from Disney my heart aches a little more and I want to move to Orlando!  I want to become a cast member so badly!  I would love to be a waitress or a bartender in one of the parks, or resorts!

1. Visit ALL Disney Theme Parks and resorts Internationally- This is something that I really want to do.  Again this will take some patience and money.  Here are all the Disney Locations I want to visit

*Disneyland Paris (Both Disneyland and Disney Studios)

* Tokyo Disneyland (Both Disneyland and Disney Seas)

* Hong Kong Disneyland

* Shanghai Disneyland (set to open in 2015)

* Visit Aulani Resort in Hawaii

* Visit Vero Beach Resort

* Do at least 1 Adventure’s by Disney Trip

* Take a Disney Cruise

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

What is on your Disney Bucket list?  Would you like help planning your next trip to Disney and checking off something from your bucket list?  Contact Ashley at Charming Travels LLC for your free consultation!