Music Monday-Best Original Song- Academy Award Goes to- “Remember Me” from Coco

Congratulations to the husband and wife duo (who also co-wrote the song “Let it Go”) on their Academy Award for the song “Remember Me,” from the movie Disney/Pixar movie – “Coco.”

If you missed the Academy awards you can check out the video of the performance of Remember Me below-

And here is the acceptance speech from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the composers of this new classic-


Favorite Disney related YouTube Videos

Hello Mouskaholics- Happy Monday!

I love nothing more than killing free time (or time that I should be doing important things) than by watching videos on YouTube… I mean come on, YouTube has been around for 10 years now, and you’d be lying if you’d said you’d never looked up your favorite YouTuber now and then ūüôā ¬†With that being said, here are some of my all time favorite Disney related YouTube videos! ¬†Hope you enjoy (sorry that Nick Pitera and Todrick Hall are one here more than once… they’re just THAT GOOD!)

“Disney Dudez”

“Ever Ever After”

“One Man Disney Movie”

“Nick Pitera- This is Halloween”

“90’s Disney”

“Disney and Pixar Sings- Let it Go”

“Beauty and the Beat- Todrick Hall”

Tuesday’s Tip- Making the Most of the Disney Dining Plan, Part 2

Tuesday’s Tip- Don’t use your dining credits on quick service breakfasts. *** (see exception at the very bottom)***

I’ve traveled to Disney MANY times, and I’ve had trips where I’ve used the Dining plan, and trips where I haven’t used the dining plan. ¬†One of the things that I’ve learned along the way is to not use my dining plan quick service credits on breakfast. ¬†All quick service meals include an entree, dessert, and drink. ¬†When you use the credit for breakfast, you’re losing out on a dessert, as there are no desserts with breakfast, the savings are even less if you’re a coffee drinker. ¬†You get a mug that you can refill at your resort, so you don’t even need to use your drink option on coffee. ¬†And most breakfast entrees are significantly less expensive than lunch entrees. ¬†If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, this isn’t the way.

For example, here is a sample of a Disney resort breakfast menu vs. a Disney resort lunch menu. ¬†You’ll notice that the breakfast prices are considerably less expensive (and did I mention you get a dessert with lunch!?!)

Pop Century Breakfast Entrees

Pop Century Breakfast Entrees

Pop Century Lunch Entrees

Pop Century Lunch Entrees

quick service breakfast

Okay, so with that being said, you still have to eat breakfast!  Here are some tips-

1) Bring non-perishable breakfast items in your luggage and plan to eat those!  All resorts have a toaster in the food court area where you can toast your own bagels or breads.  Granola bars are a great option as well as cereal!  You can get a small carton of milk to use for cereal from the food court.

2) Consider using your snack credits at breakfast time. ¬†With all dining plans you get 1 snack per person, per day. ¬†Grab a pastry or a muffin from the self serve area in your resort’s dining area and fill your resort mug with your beverage, and bam, you’ve got yourself a quick breakfast that can maximize your dining plan.

3) If you love breakfast foods, consider using a table service credit at one of the character breakfasts! ¬†Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort is great or the Ohana Breakfast at the Polynesian, as well as the Crystal Palace at the Magic Kingdom!

Meet Lilo and Stitch at the Ohana breakfast

Meet Lilo and Stitch at the Ohana breakfast

Crystal Palace Breakfast Buffet

Crystal Palace Breakfast Buffet

4) Even with the dining plan you may end up spending some out of pocket money for meals… save those dining credits for lunches and dinners and if you have to pay additional money for a meal do it at breakfast!

**** Here is a great exception to the “Don’t use your quick service meals on breakfast” ¬†Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom JUST started serving breakfast. ¬†The cost is $19.99 for adults, and $11.99 for children. ¬†It includes a breakfast entree, pastries, and a beverage. ¬†This still counts as a quick service restaurant at breakfast, so by ALL means, try to visit and get a lot of bang for your buck at this location!

Be Our Guest Adult entrees

Be Our Guest Adult entrees

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A Disneyland Engagement

Hello Mouskaholics!  I have so enjoyed sharing my Disney tips, tricks, and knowledge with you in 2014!  Thank you for following me on this journey and my blog!  I hope to make 2015 even better with more exciting posts!

Disney is a magical place, we all know this. ¬†So today I wanted to share an AMAZING love story with you! ¬†I’ve known Ryan since we were in junior high and he is a HUGE fan of Disneyland! ¬†Seriously I know a lot about Disney World, but if I had a question about Disneyland, he would be my go-to guy! ¬†With that being said, it only makes sense that when Ryan decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Leah that he would do it at the happiest place on earth- Disneyland!

Ryan put a LOT of planning into his proposal.  He arranged with Disneyland cast members to have a caricature drawn of the two of them.  While they were sitting there the cast member was drawing a depiction of Ryan proposing to Leah.  When she turned around the drawing to show Leah, Ryan dropped to one knee!  This was only the first part of the engagement surprise though!  Unbeknownst to Leah, Ryan flew out her parents and brother, as well as his father, sister and nieces to be there for the big moment!  He arranged for them to stay in a separate hotel and to be waiting in the store behind where they would be sitting for the drawing and proposal.

Ryan with Family

The entire family in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle after the proposal.


Finished caricature!

The Ring

The Ring

The story doesn’t end here folks! ¬†Ryan had videos made documenting the whole process! ¬†Not only did he have the proposal filmed, but he also included telling his nieces and her parents! ¬†Their story is so adorable and moving that they’ve been entered in a contest for “Best Proposal!” ¬†Please take a moment and follow this link to see Ryan’s video that he made, and like the original post on facebook to help them win the contest!


If you would like help planning your own Disney vacation be sure to contact Ashley with Charming Travels LLC-


Tuesday’s Tip- Stay Hydrated

It is common knowledge that it is nearly ALWAYS hot in Florida, especially during the summer months. ¬†Even during the winter months it stays relatively warm. ¬†Staying hydrated is a critical not only for your health, but for the enjoyment of your vacation. ¬†Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, and irritability- who would want any of those when you’re at the happiest place on earth!

Here are my top 5 ways to stay hydrated at Disney (#1 is the most cost effective)

#5- Bring a water bottle with you into the park. ¬†Outside food and beverages are permitted in the park, so you can bringing your own water isn’t an issue.

#4- If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, you can use your snack credits on bottled beverages. ¬†Normally bottled water at the park is $2.50 (Dasani Brand), so in a pinch this can be an effective use of a snack credit.

#3- Water Fountains-  There are water fountains located at the entrances of nearly every bathroom.  Be sure to get a drink from the fountain every time you stop by the bathroom, and if you have a water bottle be sure to fill it up!

#2- Drink water with meals- ¬†If you stop for a meal at a quick service or table service meal and you order a soda, order a water too. ¬†You can enjoy your soda with your meal and then take the water with you when you leave! (If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, your meal comes with a beverage. ¬†I know I get sick of soda with every meal, but every restaurant carries bottled water, and you can order bottled water with your meal!)

#1- Free water cups!- ¬†Did you know that even if you’re not ordering food, you can go to any quick service restaurant and order a free water cup. ¬†This is one that I always take advantage of! ¬†I am not a germaphobe, but the thought of putting my mouth near a water fountain creeps me out a little bit! ¬†I tend to go for this option because there is nothing like an ice cold cup of water. ¬†Did I mention that it’s free?

Free water cup available at quick service locations

Free water cup available at quick service locations