Fun Fact Friday- Haunted Mansion: Up or Down?

Disney’s Haunted Mansion is a long time fan favorite.  It has received its fair share of updates and is slightly different in Disneyland and Disney World (not to mention it’s counter parts – Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris, and Mystic Manor at Disneyland Hong Kong).

haunted mansion DL

Haunted Mansion- Disneyland


Haunted Mansion- Walt Disney World

One of the most obvious differences that I so enjoyed when I visited Disneyland this past November was the stretching room.

stretching room.jpg

I’ve rode the Disney World version dozens of times and in the stretching room the room stretches up, while in the Disneyland version, you descend.  It gives the same effect in both rides, but serves a different purpose!  With Disneyland, the stretching room physically transports you to the ride area with its descent.


Tuesday’s Tip- Affordable Souvenier… the Penny Press

Happy Tuesday Mouskaholics!

Souveniers can be an expensive addition to any trip regardless of where you’re going.  Often destinations will cleverly trap you into buying a magnet that you just can’t live without, a sweatshirt, or a stuffed animal that will sit in a corner after you come home.  Disney is certainly no exception to this.  They are in fact experts and selling merchandise to their millions of park goers.  I know this from experience and spending lots of money on souveniers on various trips to the Disney parks.

If you’re looking for a unique souvenier experience though that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, may I suggest the penny press machines.  Throughout the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney, you’ll find penny press machines.  In addition to it being a unique souvenier, it’s almost like a scavenger hunt to find the different machines!  Some are out in the various lands, close to rides, as well as in gift shops.


Tip #1- If you’re wanting to collect pennies, know where the machines are.  This link will take you to an awesome map that points out where the machines are in the parks-

Tip #2- Be prepared with your coins.  To press a penny it will cost you 51¢.  The machine will have you enter 1 penny and two quarters.  You can save valuable time by organizing your coins and having them ready to go.

My Mom decided to press pennies on our trip in January and to organize her coins we used an “Airborne” tube.  She layered her coins- quarter, quarter, penny… quarter, quarter, penny… quarter, quarter, penny… etc.

She kept the airborne tube handy in her purse and was ready to go when we ran across a penny press.  “

Use a rinsed out Airborne tube to organize your quarters and pennies

Use a rinsed out Airborne tube to organize your quarters and pennies

Tip #3- Go to the bank and ask for a change 50¢ in for a roll of brand new pennies.  The pressed pennies look much nicer when you use a brand new shiny penny.

Now you’ve got a bunch of pennies… what should you do with them when you get home?  If you’re crafty there are lots of ideas on pinterest.  These are two of my favorites-

mickey 1


Another option is to purchase a pressed penny collection display folio.  While we were in the parks my mom purchased a Tinker Bell pressed penny folio.  This can add to the souvenier because it is also themed.

IMG_5706 IMG_5703 IMG_5705 IMG_5702

Interested in booking your own trip to Disney?  Contact for your free quote!  Ashley will work with you to make your magical vacation dreams a reality.

Fun Fact Friday- Super Bowl, “I’m Going to Disney World”

You’ve all heard it

Question- ” (insert name), you just won the Super Bowl, What are you going to do next?”

Answer- “I’m going to Disney World”

Ever wonder where that started???  The first football player to answer that question was Phil Simms in 1987.  Simms played for the New York Giants, and was the 1987 Super Bowl MVP.

For doing the commercial spot Simms was paid $50,000 and Disney foot the bill for his family and him to travel to their parks.

This year will be the 28th year, but who will be the MVP?  I guess we will have to wait until Sunday to find out!

Want to celebrate your big accomplishment and tell the world you’re going to Disney World?  Contact to book your big celebration.

A Disneyland Engagement

Hello Mouskaholics!  I have so enjoyed sharing my Disney tips, tricks, and knowledge with you in 2014!  Thank you for following me on this journey and my blog!  I hope to make 2015 even better with more exciting posts!

Disney is a magical place, we all know this.  So today I wanted to share an AMAZING love story with you!  I’ve known Ryan since we were in junior high and he is a HUGE fan of Disneyland!  Seriously I know a lot about Disney World, but if I had a question about Disneyland, he would be my go-to guy!  With that being said, it only makes sense that when Ryan decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Leah that he would do it at the happiest place on earth- Disneyland!

Ryan put a LOT of planning into his proposal.  He arranged with Disneyland cast members to have a caricature drawn of the two of them.  While they were sitting there the cast member was drawing a depiction of Ryan proposing to Leah.  When she turned around the drawing to show Leah, Ryan dropped to one knee!  This was only the first part of the engagement surprise though!  Unbeknownst to Leah, Ryan flew out her parents and brother, as well as his father, sister and nieces to be there for the big moment!  He arranged for them to stay in a separate hotel and to be waiting in the store behind where they would be sitting for the drawing and proposal.

Ryan with Family

The entire family in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle after the proposal.


Finished caricature!

The Ring

The Ring

The story doesn’t end here folks!  Ryan had videos made documenting the whole process!  Not only did he have the proposal filmed, but he also included telling his nieces and her parents!  Their story is so adorable and moving that they’ve been entered in a contest for “Best Proposal!”  Please take a moment and follow this link to see Ryan’s video that he made, and like the original post on facebook to help them win the contest!


If you would like help planning your own Disney vacation be sure to contact Ashley with Charming Travels LLC-


Tuesday’s Tip- Package Delivery

Disney’s Customer service is outstanding, and they’re always looking for ways to improve!  One of the ways that they’ve stepped up their game compared to other theme parks is the fact that you don’t have to carry your packages around with you all day.  You can shop til your heart is content and won’t have to carry the bags with you while you’re at the parks!  This is especially wonderful at Epcot in the world showcase where you can easily pick up fun trinkets from the different countries!

There are two different ways to take advantage of this service-

1) If you’re staying on Disney property, you can have your shopping bags delivered straight to your hotel!  Usually the following day you can pick up your shopping bags from the hotel gift shop.  If you’ve made especially larger purchases this is DEFINITELY the way to go!

You'll have to fill out a sheet for delivery and return the carbon copy when picking up

You’ll have to fill out a sheet for delivery and return the carbon copy when picking up

2) If you’re not staying on Disney property, or if it’s towards the end of your Disney vacation and you’re not sure if it’ll make it to your hotel in time you can have it shipped to the front of the park and you can stop by and pick it up on your way out!

Package Pickup in the Parks

Package Pickup in the Parks

Check out this link for more information of where in each park you can pick up your packages

Disney Package Pickup in the Parks

Departure Day!!!

Today is the day we've planned for!!!

Today is the day we’ve planned for!!!

Today we are departing for Walt Disney World!  Each day of our vacation I will keep you updated as to what we are doing, which park we’re going to, where we are eating, and what we are riding!  Make sure you check out my facebook page  ( ) for the most current photos and posts!

So today’s itinerary-

12:45 Flight from hometown via Airtran Airways

3:05- Arrive at Orlando International Airport and head towards the “Disney Magical Express” (See not below if you are unsure of what Disney Magical Express is!)

4:00- **** (Time subject to bus availability and lines!) Board Disney Magical Express for Port Orleans Resort.

5:00- Check in to the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort

5:30- Quick boatride to Downtown Disney (This is a MAYBE!  We may also just relax by the pool!!!)

7:25- Dinner at Boatwrights Dining Hall (Located at Port Orleans Riverside Resort)

9:00- Bedtime!!!

Tomorrow we will be doing our first day in the park, and will be at Animal Kingdom!


What is the Disney Magical Express?  If you’re staying on Disney Property and flying into MCO, you can take advantage of this FREE bus service.  Some of the perks of this service- 1) Did I mention that it’s free? 2) You get to skip baggage claim!  When you book your vacation and your Magical Express they will send you special luggage tags.  These tags identify your luggage as a WDW guest.  It will be picked up by a cast member and deliver STRAIGHT TO YOUR ROOM!!!! 3) It makes your day more magical! No worries about renting a car, it takes you straight to front lobby of your hotel!

I greatly enjoy Disney’s Magical Express!  If you have more questions about this service, please let me know!