Confessions of a Mouskaholic YouTube Channel is now LIVE!

Mr. Mouskaholic and I are VERY proud to announce that we’ve created our very own YouTube Channel!  This is just one more way that you can get awesome info about our favorite places on earth- Disney Properties!

As of right now, we plan to do a monthly video, with hopes of eventually moving to a bi-weekly layout!  We are very excited to roll out this new feature to the blog, and to use it as a tool to help others learn about Disney, from tips for travel, to park and resort updates!

Here is a our very first video!

This is just a quick intro to the Confessions of a Mouskaholic channel!  We are already planning the content for our next video segment and are SOOO excited!

Huge shout out to Craig (Mr. Mouskaholic) for helping with the sound and video aspects of making this a reality!  While the blog has always been my outlet, I am really excited to share this new part of the adventure with Mr. Mouskaholic 🙂

Confessions of a Mouskaholic has also upped their social media presence!  Be sure to follow of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Instagram- @TheMouskaholic

Twitter- @TheMouskaholic


If you’re ready to book your next vacation be sure to email for your free quote.  Her booking and planning services are always free of charge.

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