Tuesday’s Tip- Finding the right fish to start your aquarium

When Finding Nemo came out many people flocked to the pet store in search of purchasing a clown fish of their own.  Now that Finding Dory has hit the theaters conservationists are worried that people might rush to the stores in search of their own Blue Tang… aka- Dory.

The Blue Tang is a very delicate fish, so Disney is doing their best to urge inexperienced aquarium owners not to spring for a salt water tank.  A guide for setting up your own tank and choosing fish can be found on the back of the “Help Dory Find her Friends” at the Seas Pavilion at Epcot, as well as online.


(Sorry that the page is a little wrinkled!!! It spent a few days in my drawstring bag!!!)

The PDF guide for selecting your own fish friends can be found here- ResponsibleFishOwnershipGuide

Please take these guides into consideration when selecting your own pets!


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