Day 4 in review

Today was a pretty standard morning at Hollywood studios. We had our fast passes set and were able to ride all three of them with no problem. 

I was slightly disappointed that Rockin Roller Coaster was down in the morning. We had planned to ride it first thing, and got to the park right at opening on hopes of avoiding a long wait.  We headed off to our first fast pass at toy story though in hopes of catching it later. We went back after our tower of terror fast pass because the app said it was a 50 minute wait. That’s the max we are usually willing to wait, and when we got there the cast member told us 90 minutes. We figured we will just catch that ride when we go back in a few days. 

So in addition to our fast passes, we also rode the great movie ride, saw the Muppet Vision 3D movie, and enjoyed the “One Mans Dream” attraction.

We had lunch at Bill and Mins Dockside Diner and we both LOVED the pulled pork Mac n Cheese! So so delicious!

The heat of Florida is pretty intense in July and can be very draining, so we like to head back to the resort during the hottest parts of the day, so that’s exactly what we did around 1:30. 

Around 4 we headed back towards Epcot for the evening.  We were able to get on the single rider line of test track, which helped us avoid a 90 minute wait! Yikes! 

We had dinner reservations at Restaurant Marrakesh in Morroco. It was a much quieter environment than a lot of the other world showcase restaurants, and had a belly dancer and live musicians! 

We bummed around the world showcase for a bit and got ourselves some margaritas from La Cava d Tequila. We saw illuminations on day two, AND had extra magic hours until 11pm, so we headed back to future world as many other guests were finding their spots for illuminations. We walked right on to The Seas with Nemo and Friends and the around 8:50 went to Soarin… Best idea EVER! Without getting a fast pass we practically walked on to the ride! We maybe waited for 15 minutes! It was perfect timing. As we were getting off the ride it was clear that illuminations was over as the Land Pavilion was flooding with people! Again, great timing and planning on my part 😉

So today was another great day at Disney! I will say that I’m looking forward to another day of rest tomorrow!  

Today’s step count- 



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