30 Day Disney Challenge- Day 15 “Favorite Gift Shop”

Confessions of a Mouskaholic's 30 Day Disney Challenge

Confessions of a Mouskaholic’s 30 Day Disney Challenge

I really should have pluralized a bunch of the categories on the list, because today is yet another hard decision for me.  With that being said, I think I’m going to have to go with favorite gift “shops” instead of just one shop.  So, away we go!

Magic Kingdom- The Emporium is my favorite gift shop there.  It is the largest gift shoppe at Magic Kingdom and has a little bit of everything.  There isn’t a real specific theme to the shop, just a lot of Disney apparel, mugs, Mickey Ears, and general touristy souvenirs. I love to stroll through the Emporium on a hot day to escape the heat for a little while and just check out what they have to offer 🙂

The Emporium at Magic Kingdom

The Emporium at Magic Kingdom

Epcot- Mitsukoshi Department Store, is fabulous.  It is located in the World Showcase’s Japan Pavilion.  It is HUGE and there is a ton to look at.  It has a lot of nick nacks, and is just really fun to check out.  They have a wide assortment of Japanese snacks and candy, which is always fun to try, as well as a spot to purchase sake flights.  Perhaps my favorite part is watching someone pick a pearl!  Click here to read my post (and watch a video) of me picking my pearl in January!

Mitsukoshi Department Store- Epcot

Mitsukoshi Department Store- Epcot

Hollywood Studios- Tatooine Traders is the gift shop at the end of the Star Tours ride.  I LOVE Star Wars, and this gift shop is like geek haven.  I always end up buying a t-shirt for my brother and saving it for his Christmas gift 🙂  Oh and for added fun, build your own lightsaber!

Tatooine Traders at Hollywood Studios

Tatooine Traders at Hollywood Studios

Downtown Disney Disney’s Days of Christmas is located in the Marketplace at Downtown Disney and is a must stop place for me on each trip.  My husband and I have a tree in our living room and all the ornaments are Black, White, Maroon, and Silver (the colors in the room).  It is stunningly beautiful, and every trip we make to Disney, we love to look through this store to find a new ornament for our tree!  It is a little difficult at times to find one that fits the theming of the tree, but that makes each one more special and unique! (Click Here to view my ornaments purchased at Disney’s Days of Christmas)

Disney's Days of Christmas- Located at Downtown Disney

Disney’s Days of Christmas- Located at Downtown Disney

If you’re interested in planning your own trip to check out the amazing shops that Disney has to offer, be sure to contact Ashley@charmingtravelsllc.com.  Her planning services are always free of charge!  Take the hassle out of your planning!  Contact her today for your free quote!




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