Tuesday’s Tip- How to Earn Swagbucks 101

Alright, yesterday I shared how I used swagbucks.com to save $1335.00 for our trip in July.  (https://mouskaholic.com/2015/06/15/how-i-saved-1335-on-my-disney-trip/) Today I will share tips that I’ve learned along the way for earning the swagbucks!


Ways to earn swagbucks 101

  1. Encrave– This is the newest/easiest way that I’ve found to earn swagbucks- on the swagbucks home page there are categories along the left hand side of the page. Click on the link that says “Watch” and you should see the the world “Ncrave”. You can click on this and it will take you to an entire page of activities. The activities that have a circle and arrow will auto run, so you can just leave it running on your computer for about15-20 minutes and earn up to 2-6 swagbucks. Different offers are worth different amounts.  I run these almost all day and earn between 100-200 swagbucks a day with this and the other activities.
  1. Surveys– Under the “answer” tab on swagbucks down at the bottom are paid surveys. When first getting started using the surveys I would recommend doing the little 2-10point surveys on the right hand side. They take a while to get through, but what you’re doing is pre-qualifying yourself for the larger surveys. When you’ve gotten those done your chances of getting surveys that you’re qualified for increase. You may start some surveys and get disqualified after 5 minutes(you’ll still get 1 sb in that case), but I’ve also had plenty of surveys where I’ve gotten 50-150 swagbucks within 30 minutes. I mean if you’re bored anyway why not try it.
  1. SBTV app– If you have a smartphone you can EASILY earn 36 swagbucks a day using the SBTV app on your phone. All you have to do is install the app and let the videos play! You can earn upto 36 sb per day using the app! I only use it when I’m in wifi though because it will take a toll on your data package.
  1. Swagbucks TV– Also under the “Watch” link is SBTV. This is how I earn probably 25% of my swagbucks. I always have a tab open to do SBTV on my computer. You simply click on a playlist, and when it says “watched” you can move on to the next.  Video sets are worth 1-4 swagbucks, and will always tell you how much they’re worth.  I’ve found that some browsers and computers will allow you to watch all the videos in succession without clicking, while others are more finicky and you have to click on each video.  It’s still easy to click through and watch the swagbucks add up!  I usually do this while I’m watching tv.
  1. Games– Under the earn tab again there are games you can play. When you get a game over, be sure to click “submit score” For every 2 games you play you get 2 swagbucks, up to10 swagbucks per day.
  1. Searching the Web– Okay so swagbucks in addition to all of its other features is a search engine. It’s not the most reliable search engine in the world, but it’s efficient. I don’t generally use it for real searches when I’m looking for something, but usually 2 times a day, I will sit and search for random stuff on the web in hopes of earning swagbucks. (Once I did 3 stints of searching and got awarded, but that’s pretty rare, so I usually do it in the morning and then the evening) So I will sit and search different things until I get some SBs. Sometimes it’ll take 2 or 3 searches before hitting, sometimes it’ll take 10 plus.
  1. Special offers– Under the earn tab there is a special offers link. Sometimes there are random videos to watch that’ll take between 30 and 90 seconds, and sometimes there will be things where you can earn 15 sb for liking a page on facebook. There are lots of different tabs across the special offers page. Usually the radium one and peanut labs have the best offers.  I earned 45swagbucks this morning for downloading and opening an app on my iphone.
  1. Coupons– If you like saving money (which let’s be honest, who doesn’t) you can print coupons right from the swagbucks website! The exact same coupons that you find oncoupons.comare available on the swagbucks website. If you print your coupons through swagbucks you will earn 10 sb per coupon redeemed! It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get them, but they’ve always come through for me!
  1. Shop and Earn- Do you shop online??? If you are an online shopper try using Shop and Earn through swagbucks! All you do is click on shop and earn, and click the store that youwant to shop (they have tons… I mainly use Kohls and Groupon). It will redirect you to the store you’ve selected and you just do your shopping likenormal! Usually they’ll give you at least 2sb per dollar spent. Sometimes theywill run specials where you can get 4sb per dollar or even 8sb per dollar!!!I’ve earned a lot this way! I always buy my groupons through the shop and earn! They will not post immediately, usually shop and earn points will be award one month after the purchase date.
  1. Swagbucks Daily Meter– On the swagbucks homepage you’ll see your daily meter. Swagbucks sets a daily earning goal for you based on how many swagbucks you normally earn.  If you hit the daily goal you generally will receive a 10% bonus back.  For example, your goal is 50 swagbucks, your bonus is 5 swagbucks.  When you hit the goal your swagbucks will be awarded by the 5thor 6thof the following month.  If you hit the goal7, 14, 21, or the entire month in a row there are additional bonuses!  Last month I got 300 swagbucks for hitting the goal every day, and an additional 550 swagbucks from my daily goals.

Haven’t joined yet?  Follow this link to get yourself signed up for Swagbucks- http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/amcoope2

***  This post was updated on November 13, 2015 to reflect changes made on the swagbucks website.  My goal is to keep the information current and help you maximize your savings!! ***

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