How I saved $1335 on my Disney Trip

Okay we all know that Disney trips can be SUPER expensive, especially if you’re traveling with a family, book the dining plan, and want to experience a lot of the magic while you’re on a trip.  There has recently been a lot of circulation of an article on how Disney has “left the middle class behind.”  I agree with the article to an extent, but with good planning, and a savings plan there is no reason that middle class families can’t enjoy a magical Disney vacation.

With that being said, I want to share with you how I earned $1335.00 towards my Disney trip using “Swagbucks.”

To answer your first question, “What is Swagbucks?”- Swagbucks is a website where you earn virtual currency that you can redeem for real gift cards.  You do activities like watch videos, complete surveys, and search the web. (Come back tomorrow to read my “Swagbucks 101” that I’ve compiled on the most effective ways to earn swagbucks!)

So now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes-

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Swag cash

How I’ve saved $1335 on my Disney trip with Swagbucks

Starting in August 2014, I started saving my swagbucks up for our 2015 Disney Trip.

After doing some research I discovered that you can use your swagbucks to get Target and Walmart giftcards. Last year I redeemed my swagbucks for target gift cards and in turn used them to purchase Disney gift cards. Upon further research I learned that I could use my Sam’s Club membership for additional savings. (You can purchase a $50 Disney gift card for $48.88 or $150 in Disney gift cards for $142.88) Since August I have redeemed my swagbucks for $900.00 worth of walmart gift cards, and turned them into Disney gift cards for my trip.  Our trip is in July, so it is my hope to have an additional $100.00 by the time we leave!  (Also if you have multiple adults in your household, you can have multiple people earning! My husband has earned $200 in walmart giftcards for his spending money!  His goal is an additional $100 before we leave in July.

Another way you can use swagbucks to offset vacation needs is amazon giftcards. For our 2014 Disney trip we needed new luggage.  We found a 5 piece Samsonite Luggage set on amazon for $99.00.  I used my amazon gift cards that I earned on swagbucks to purchase those. With amazon’s nearly limitless supply of items you use the gift cards to offset the cost of your trip in many ways!

Break down

Ashley’s Walmart gift cards- $900.00

Ashley’s Starbucks gift cards (to use in the park)- $35.00

Craig’s Walmart gift cards $200.00

Ashley’s additional expected gift cards – $100.00

Craig’s additional expected gift cards- $100.00

Interested in more money saving trips and help booking your Disney vacation?  Contact  She is a Disney pro and will help you take care of all of your planning needs!


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