Tuesday’s Tip- Celebration Buttons

Did you know that if it’s your first time to Disney, your birthday, your anniversary, a family reunion, just married, just engaged, or a general celebration you can request a celebration button?  They are free of charge, and sometimes come with perks!  My husband and I usually plan our trips around our Anniversary in June and we probably have at least 6 “Happy Anniversary” buttons laying around the house.  We even were given a free dessert for our anniversary at a restaurant on the boardwalk!

This isn’t to say that you will get something special 100% of the time while wearing a button, but cast members genuinely go out of their way to make your celebration special.  They will be sure to tell you happy birthday, or ask what your special celebration is!

celebration buttons

Trying to plan your special celebration trip?  Let Ashley take the worry and hassle out of your planning!  Email ashley@charmingtravelsllc.com for your free quote!




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