Tuesday’s Tip- Staying Charged at Disney

Let’s face it, we live in a digital world.  Even on vacation when we’re away from our every day life we are on our devices, and with the development of apps (cough cough, My Disney Experience) our cell phone and tablet batteries probably won’t last for an entire day of usage.

There are several ways that Disney has made it easier for you to keep your devices charged up, as well a product that I recommend!

1) If you’re at the magic kingdom check out the small sitting area across from the Rapunzel bathrooms in Fantasyland.  There are about 4 or 5 stumps that contain electrical outlets and USB ports.  This is a great spot to relax for a little while and charge your device.  If you’re traveling with a group plug in your devices and take turns with who is going to the bathroom and who is watching the devices.  If you’re going to be sitting for a while it’s a great spot to people watch as well!

These charging stations are cleverly disguised as stumps near the Rapunzel bathrooms in Fantasyland

These charging stations are cleverly disguised as stumps near the Rapunzel bathrooms in Fantasyland

2) In Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom there are two locations with “Brightbox” charging lockers (Cosmic Rays and the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company).  To open these lockers you simply swipe with a credit card to open, plug in your device, and come back when it’s done charging.  To open the locker you’ll have to reswipe the credit card.  This is still in a testing phase, and currently there is no charge to use these lockers, however there is a $2.00 fee for the brightbox lockers at Disneyland.

Brightbox locker

3) Main Street USA City Hall-Here there aren’t actually plugs for you to plug into (well there are some outlets outside of the building) but here you drop off your device and you’ll receive a claim tag to pick it up.  The cast members will plug in your phone and charge it while you visit the many attractions.  Bring back your claim tag and pick up your phone later!

4)  Is on the go charging more your speed?  I went through several portable battery chargers before I found one that I liked.  For me the ones that are the size of a tube of lipstick never lasted more than a few charges before rendering themselves useless.  My recommended brand is the “Neptor” portable charger.  It comes in a variety colors, has 2 USB ports, and will give two full charges when the pack is fully charged.  I know I originally saw it at Staples and ended up ordering mine on Amazon.  They’re usually around $50.00, but the last time I saw them on Amazon there was a special on them and they were only $25.  This may seem expensive, but I know I use mine all the time, and it isn’t a useless paperweight like the less expensive ones have now become.

Neptor portable charger

Neptor portable charger

Looking for more insider info on planning your next Disney vacation?  Be sure to get in contact with Ashley at Charming Travels LLC.  She can get you started with a free quote and then plan your magical trip from beginning to end!  Ashley@charmingtravelsllc.com




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