Tuesday’s Tip- Character’s in Flight

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, it is pretty hard to miss the GIANT balloon that is soaring 400 feet into the air nearby.  Downtown Disney is home to “Character’s in Flight,” operated by Aerophile.

Today’s tip was something that I found out accidentally on our trip this past summer!  Each trip my husband and I try to plan a special event or experience and this summer we planned to ride “Character’s in Flight.”  Much to our surprise and amazement, when we were buying our tickets, the attendant in the booth told us the price, and we were shocked and excited to find out that if you ride in the morning hours there is a BIG discount!

Tip- If you’re looking to save a little money, ride Characters in Flight before noon!  The normal price for the ride is $18 but if you ride before noon it’s only $10!

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Characters in Flight

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