My Disney Holiday Tradition

Hello Mouskaholics!  I apologize that I haven’t blogged lately!  It is certainly NOT because I haven’t been thinking about Disney… I still love Disney and I love sharing my Disney experiences, life has just been on the busy side lately.

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite Disney traditions that my husband and I have.  While we have never been to the Disney parks at Christmas time (trust me, it’s on my bucket list!), that doesn’t mean that we don’t incorporate Disney into our personal Christmas traditions!  The living room in our home is painted with two maroon walls, and two white walls.  The decor in the room is all black and white photos, and silver trims.  When we put up our first Christmas tree as a married couple we decided that the tree should match the room, so our tree is decked out with ornaments that are maroon, black, white, and silver.  We started with a lot of generic ornaments and in the past seven years we’ve added a lot of unique ornaments to the collection.  Our favorite ornaments that we’ve acquired are the ones that we’ve purchased on our Disney trips!

Even though we’ve never been to the parks at Christmas, there is a special store located in Downtown Disney called “Disney’s Days of Christmas.”

Disney's Days of Christmas- Located at Downtown Disney

Disney’s Days of Christmas- Located at Downtown Disney

It is open year round and you can shop for Christmas specialty items on any trip!  We make it a point to stop at this store on each trip and add a new ornament to our collection.  While there are MANY beautiful ornaments in the shop we are quite selective as we search each year for the perfect ornament to fit the theming of our tree.  The ornaments that we’ve collected over the past 7 trips are all unique.  Usually we go for a Mickey ornament, but on our most recent trip my husband specifically wanted a Jack Skellington ornament.   So now our tree has 6 Mickey’s and 1 Jack 🙂

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