Tuesday’s Tip- Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever been to Florida in the summer, the term muggy and sweltering are the only 2 words I can think of that describes it.  Even when you leave the hotel in the morning you’ll usually be sweating by the time you reach the bus from your hotel room.

When you get to the parks you’re walking for hours and the heat only grows throughout the day.  Thankfully many of the attractions are indoors!  If you need an extended time to cool off, check out these attractions at the Magic Kingdom-

  1. Country Bear Jamboree,
  2. Carousel of Progress
  3. the Enchanted Tiki Room
  4.  Hall of Presidents

All four of these shows are a little longer in length, rarely have long lines, AND ARE AIR CONDITIONED!!!

Carousel of progress

Carousel of progress


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