Tuesday’s Tip- Priorities

Good Morning Mouskaholics!

Todays Tuesday’s Tip is to set priorities on your trip.  When you’re doing your planning (ESPECIALLY IF IT’S YOUR FIRST TIME EVER!) do some research, and figure out which rides, attractions, and restaurants you would like to visit during your trip.  It is impossible to see every single attraction.  Even if you went to the parks on every single day of your trip, I don’t think you could possibly see and do it all.

Make a list for each park of the top 10-15 things that you absolutely want to do.  Try to get fast passes for the top 3 (if available) and then have fun and try to get to as many on your list.

Try not to stress out if you don’t get to everything on your list, who knows you may find something that you enjoy even more along the way 😀

And never forget priority #1- Have Fun and Create Magical Memories 🙂



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