Maelstrom being replaced with a Frozen Attraction

Disclaimer… much of what I’m going to state in today’s blogpost is my personal opinion.  Please bear in mind that this is my blog and my place to share my knowledge of Disney, also I get to share my opinion.  It will not be often that I share my opinion, but today is one of those days.

Fact– The Maelstrom Ride in Norway at the World Showcase is being replaced with “Frozen” themed attraction.


Fact- The last day that the Maelstrom ride will be in operation is October 5th, 2014

Fact- The new Frozen attraction is expected to be opened early in 2016 (according to the Disney Park Blog)


Opinion- I believe that when Epcot created the world showcase that the intention was to “showcase” different cultures from around the world.  Disney did an amazing job at keeping these countries authentic as well.  The materials used to build the pavilions were brought in from that country.  The craftsmen who built the pavilions were skilled laborers from that particular country.  The items sold in the countries are imported, and even the cast members who work in the countries are natives of that country.

Norway Pavilion

Norway Pavilion

With all of that being said, I wish that Disney would have stayed true to keeping the world showcase “pure.”  I love walking through the world showcase and being transported to a different country.  I believe that by adding the Disney movie theming in the World Showcase that they’re missing the point.  Maelstrom may be a little bit outdated as a ride, and for heaven’s sake we all know that “The Spirit of Norway” film at the end of the attraction was outdated.  I will agree that the ride and film could have used some updates, BUT I think that making it a Frozen attraction is completely out of line what the World Showcase stands for.

maelstrom boat maelstrom MEP433LARGE

On our most recent trip this summer there were hints of Frozen in the gift shop and the “Old Stave Church,” and to me that was tolerable. I didn’t mind that there was merchandise, and I can understand Disney giving the kids something in the country that their favorite movie is set in.  But to me I almost dread going to the Norway Pavilion in 2016.  I now know that there will be a ridiculous line to meet Anna and Elsa, and I know that the ride isn’t going to even remotely be about the history and culture of Norway, but about another Disney movie.  Disney was thinking about the $$$ not the preservation of one of the most brilliant sections of their parks.

I won’t be offended if you disagree with me, as long as you’re not offended by my opinion 🙂


3 thoughts on “Maelstrom being replaced with a Frozen Attraction

  1. I agree to the fact that Norway is going to be a nightmare once the Frozen ride gets up and running, and I agree that it is a little disappointing that Norway is going to be turned into more of a Magic Kingdom type ride than an cultural attraction. However I think it’s necessary to add a Frozen attraction to Epcot. Frozen was and still is such a hit with children and adults that it only makes sense to capitalize even more on that. When our generation thinks of Disney, we still think about Lion King, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and even Toy Story. The younger generation thinks Disney and they see Finding Nemo, Frozen, Tangled, and whatever Disney channel show is popular now. Walt Disney World has got to grow, it’s got to add the movies and shows that are popular now to keep those small children crying to their parents to take them to Disney World. Trust me, if they ever renovated It’s A Small World to incorporate Hannah Montana or something like that I’ll be the first one fired up and livid about it, but Frozen isn’t taking over anything really iconic like that, so if Disney is going to add Frozen to any ride I’d rather it be a ride like Maelstorm than Peter Pan’s flight.
    Maybe that’s just me.


    • I think that there is absolutely a need to have a frozen and more updated movie presence at Disney, I just don’t think that Epcot is the place for it. I would rather see it be a magic kingdom or Hollywood studios. Epcot was designed to be about community and learning. I am all for bringing in a new generation of movies, but I strongly disagree with epcot being the place where it happens. I do understand your point though!

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  2. Dave says:

    I think we need to relax just a bit! For all we know, the new attraction will still be about the history of Norway, just with Frozen characters mixed in, kind of like the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros in Mexico. Does that mean that this is what Disney will do?? I doubt it! From what I understand, Norway no longer sponsors the pavilion…or Norway doesn’t give Disney any more money!! That’s another reason why the film is so outdated.

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