Tuesday’s Tip- Dining Reservations

Alright, I know I’ve touched on this one before in other posts, but it’s SOOOOO important to make your dining reservations before you head to Disney World!

The very first time that Craig and I ever wanted to go to a sit down restaurant at Disney World was his first trip to the Magic Kingdom.  We had no idea that you needed to have reservations to eat at a sit down restaurant!  We were lucky and were able to have a VERY early dinner at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, but had it been during peak season, I’m sure we would have been turned away.  If you don’t make the reservations ahead of time, you can always check with the concierge desk at your hotel (if you’re on Disney property that is) and see if there are any dining reservations available.  If you’re not staying on disney property you can also check with guest services the day of and potentially make reservations.

Dining Reservations available on Disney's website

Dining Reservations available on Disney’s website

You can start making your dining reservations 180 days prior to your trip, and that will be necessary for some of the more popular dining experiences (Be Our Guest Restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Le Cellier Steakhouse).  Otherwise I recommend making them once you know what park you’ll be in on which day.  Disney’s website does now require a credit card number in order to make reservations.  There is no charge unless your party fails to show up.

Also don’t be afraid to check out the restaurants at the resorts!  You don’t have to be in the parks to enjoy an amazing meal!  Some of Disney’s top rated restaurants are located at the resorts!


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