Tuesday’s Tip- Ponchos

It’s no secret that Central Florida is generally warm and muggy (especially in the summer)!  With the combination of heat and humidity it is likely that at some point in the day there will be rain.  The problem is, you’ve saved and saved, and saved for your disney vacation and you don’t want a little rain to slow you down!

On our most recent trip there were two times that it rained.  The first we lucked out because we were sitting at a table service restaurant for lunch, and the rain was done before we finished our dessert.  The second time it rained we heading towards star tours at Hollywood Studios and the sky absolutely opened up upon us.

One of the biggest tips that I can offer you in this situation is simply be prepared!  Go to the dollar store prior to your trip and purchase one poncho per person for each for at least half the days you’re going.  Craig and I were going to the park for 6 days, so I purchased 6 ponchos for the two of us, and spent a grand total of $6 plus tax.

Dollar Store Ponchos

Dollar Store Ponchos

By the time you’re at Disney and in the parks you’ve already given the disney corporation enough of your money.  Chances are you can spend as much on ponchos for your entire group as you would for 1 poncho at the parks.  You wouldn’t believe how many people I saw wearing disney ponchos in the parks.  All I could see when I saw those ponchos was an insane amount of money spent on plastic!  Children’s ponchos at Disney are $7.00 and adult size are $10 or $11.  For a family of four (two adults and two kids) you’re looking at $34-$36 (plus tax) for plastic!!!

Disney Parks Ponchos

Disney Parks Ponchos

I will add that Disney’s ponchos are much heavier duty, have the disney logo on them, and are reusable, where the dollar store ponchos are not reusable.  HOWEVER, the disposable ponchos are still far more economical, and will fit in your day bag much easier than the bulkier reusable ponchos!

Hope you enjoyed todays tip!


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