Last Day of Vacation- Magic Kingdom and Coming Home

Today is our last day at Walt Disney World.  It is always the saddest day on a Disney vacation.  We aren’t flying home until this evening though (yes I definitely planned it that way lol), so we are going to make the most of our day!

6:30- Wake Up Call

7:00- Snacks for breakfast at resort food court

7:30- Check out and check in for our flights (they will take our luggage for us), and store our carry on items with hotel

8:15- Head to Magic Kingdom

8:45- Pre-show at Magic Kingdom (there is a special preshow every day before the park opens.  It is magical and all around wonderful, and I recommend that everyone sees it!)

9:15- Fast Pass for Splash Mountain

10:35- Fast Pass for Space Mountain

12:15- Lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant

12:50- Fast Pass for The Flight of Peter Pan

1:30- Return to Resort to catch Disney Magic Express back to the Airport

3:00- Board DME to go to the airport (For your return to the airport you will catch the DME bus back 3 hours before your flight for domestic flights, 4 hours for international)

6:05- Fly back to Atlanta

7:33- Sit in Atlanta Airport, and gather thoughts for upcoming blog posts!

9:15- Depart Atlanta for Hometown airport

11:05- Land at hometown airport

11:30 Begin crying because I miss Disney already lol!

Today’s new experience- The Be Our Guest restaurant is our new experience and I am very excited for it!  There is a lot of hype over this restaurant, and I don’t know of one person who has been there who didn’t like it!  Also visiting a park on departure day is a new experience.  We’ve usually taken an early afternoon or morning flight back home, so visiting a park on departure day wasn’t an option.  I am looking forward getting in some last minute magic 🙂


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