Park Day 4- Hollywood Studios

Alright today is Hollywood Studios day!  So much to see and do!


The Earful Tower at Hollywood Studios

The Earful Tower at Hollywood Studios

6:30 – Wake Up Call

7:00- Split a Quick Service Breakfast and a Snack at resort

8:00- Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios

10:00- Fast Pass for Tower of Terror

11:55- Fast Pass for Toy Story Midway Mania

12:30- Split a Quick Service Lunch

1:30- Fast Pass for Star Tours

2:30- Return to resort for napping and pool time

5:00- Return to Hollywood Studios

5:50- Dinner at Sci-Fi Dine In

9:00- Get in line for Fantasmic

10:30- Fantasmic

11:15- Return to Resort


What we plan to do during Extra Magic Hours– We will definitely be checking out Aerosmith’s Rockin Roller Coaster during this time.  The big three wait times that you’ll see at Hollywood Studios are Toy Story  Mania, Rockin Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror.  These are the most thrilling rides in the park, and generally have the highest wait times.  The way they have it set you can either choose Toy Story or Rockin Roller Coaster for a fast pass, but not both.  Because of that we will be checking out that ride first thing!  Depending on how quick we get in and out of that ride we may go check out Toy Story again prior to our fastpass!

What we plan on doing that we’ve never done before- We will be eating dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine in restaurant which will be a new experience for us.  The only attraction/show that we’ve never really seen at Hollywood studios that isn’t geared for toddlers is the “Lights, Motor, Action!- Extreme Stunt Show” so we are definitely going to try to check it out 🙂

There are two Fantasmic shows, one at 9pm and one at 10:30pm, why did we choose the later showing– We are SLEEPING IN TOMORROW!



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