Voices of Liberty- Epcot

If you have never taken the time to stop at the American Pavilion at Epcot, you are truly missing out.  I know as a young adult I often would walk straight through the America area.  I often thought to myself, I live in America, why would I want to visit it at a theme park.  As I’ve grown a little older, I’ve come to understand that the America area at Epcot is there to celebrate what is truly great about our country.  I also thought about the many foreign travelers that visit Disney every year, and that allows them the opportunity to learn about our country’s rich heritage.

Not only is the American Pavilion a treasure on it’s own, you can experience two very unique musical groups; The Voices of Liberty, and a Revolutionary War style band.  Both can be seen on a daily basis at the pavilion!

I’ve attached two videos, the first is of the Voices of Liberty in the recording studios, singing a Disney medley! Normally the group is in colonial era garb, but in the recording studios they’re out of their cast member costumes.  The second is a clip of the revolutionary war band.






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